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Keshtu eshte puna e shqiptareve kur kinse luftojn per pavaresi,dhe ne emer tend

From aktori1994 at Mon Sep 26 04:37:08 2005 From ... - [ Traduire cette page ]Kush eshte Pierre-Pandeli Simsia? - Kam lindur ne 21 Qershor 1960 ne qytetin e lashte dhe ... AGIM (Latif) KUQI Born on October 7th, 1963, in Suva Reka. ... art-cafe/Week-of-Mon-20050926.txt - 594k - En cache - Pages similaires

77. AGIM (Latif) KUQI
Born on October 7th, 1963, in Suva Reka. In June 1998,
together with Blerim Kuqi, Naim Berisha, Osmani
Elshani, aka "Shlafi", and a certain Nusret from
Samodre?a, he formed a terrorist group on the
territory of the Re?tane village, in the Suva Reka
Municipality. Agim and Blerim Kuqi managed the main
KLA headquarters for the villages of Opteru?a and
Zociste, situated in the village of Dobrodeljane, in
the Suva Reka Municipality. Following their orders,
they illegally purchased arms and ammunition. Kuqi?s
group, on the Suva Reka ? Orahovac route, better known
as the Restansi road, wounded the policeman Milorad
Ne?kovic and murdered Sadriu Kryeziu from Suva Reka.
In the middle of July 1998, under his command, 16
Serbs were kidnapped from Opteru?a and Zociste and
were subsequently taken to the Drenovac village while
their houses, along with the houses of other Serbs in
those villages, were burned to the ground. Following
the action of the members of the Serbian Ministry of
Internal Affairs and the YA forces in the region of
Suva Reka, Agim, Blerim and Ruzhdi Kuqi and Osmani
Elshani, aka "Shlafi", fled to Albania and joined

Born on January 3rd, 1966, in the village of Gladno
Selo, Municipality of Glogovac. In the middle of 1993,
he spent some time in Albania where he was engaged in
organizing of military training for individuals who,
having completed the training, were sent to K&M, with
the purpose to carry out diversionary terrorist
activities. At the end of the same year, he went to
Germany where he joined and was active in the work of
NMRK, primarily in the field of arms, ammunition and
military equipment acquisition, which he transferred
to K&M and sent to his brother Fehmi, one of the most
influental KLA commanders in the Drenica region
(killed in 1998). For KLA needs, he recruited young
Albanians who were employed in Germany and other
Western Europe countries. After the Serbian security
forces withdrew, he came to K&M, where he was
immediately accepted into KPC and appointed deputy
commander of the National Guard within this formation.
Throughout 2001, he was engaged in providing logistic
support to LAPMB members, as well as to Albanian
terrorists active on the territory of the Republic of
Macedonia. He used his high position in KPC to acquire
financial benefits. His associates accuse him of
embezzling huge amounts of money from the funds
collected by the Albanian emigrants as aid to KLA and
later KPC formations. Because of his connection with
the terrorist organizations, he was placed on the
American "black list" of organizations that have
restricted access to financial aid, i.e., of the
individuals who are forbidden to enter the US. Also,
he is also banned from all activities of KPC for a

79. FATMIR (Kadri) LIMAJ, alias "Steel"
Born on February 4th, 1971, in the village of Banja,
Municipality of Suva Reka. From 1992 to 1994, he was
engaged in the illegal organization PMKL. Toward the
end of 1995 he joined KLA where, under the command of
Rexhep Selimi, he was in charge of identifying
individuals who were collaborating with the Serbian
Ministry of Internal Affairs and of carrying out all
preparations for the terrorist acts against the Serb
security forces in Mali?evo and Orahovac. In 1996,
together with Selimi, he planned and attempted to
murder Shukri Krasniqi, from the village of Banja, and
Vesel Pintolij, from the village of Temecin,
Municipality of Suva Reka. During 1998, he was the
commander of the camp in the village of Lapu?nica,
Glogovac Municipality, where, in the period between
June 22 and July 25 of the same year, 22 individuals
were held and, physically abused and murdered. Among
the victims were Milovan and Miodrag Krstic, Boban
Mitrovic, ?ivorad Krstic, Stamen Genov, Djordje Djuk
and Sini?a Blagojevic. He was the initiator and direct
participant in the capture and abuse of ethnic
Albanians and Serbs and he demonstrated special
brutality in his direct participation in the genocide
against the civilians, since, following his orders, in
the limekiln in the village of Klecka, Municipality of
Lipljan, over 50 individuals were burned. He was the
organizer and perpetrator of the attack on Orahovac on
July 17, 1998, when over 50 people were kidnapped, of
whom 40 are still listed as missing. At the beginning
of October 1999, the group headed by Fatmir Limaj
kidnapped, in front of a number of citizens, Ramiz
Hoxha, in the Belanica village, because he had
allegedly negotiated with the members of the Serbian
Ministry of Internal Affairs the return of Albanian
refugees from the village of Banja to their homes.
Ramiz Hoxha was later murdered. Together with Rexhep
Selimi, he founded the "Falcon?s Eye" group which,
beside terrorist activities (primarily murder), was
involved in the arms and drug trafficking,
racketeering, organized prostitution and the like.
These activities were carried out in collaboration
with the members of the crime clans composed of the
Elshani and Kolaku families, from Suva Reka region.
For a certain time period, Limaj was in the position
of Kosovo?s deputy defense minister only to be
arrested by Slovenian police on February 17, 2003, and
taken to the Scheveningen jail, having been indicted
by the Hague Tribunal for crimes against humanity and
the violation of the laws and customs of war (for
killing civilians in the jail located in the Lapu?nik
village). From the top echelons of DPK, an initiative
was launched to form a special fund for the defense of
Fatmir Limaj, one of the most trusted associates of
that party?s president, Hashim Thaqi. The initiative
was delivered to the Government of Kosovo. The
initiative suggests that, from the budget of the
Government of Kosovo, two million euros be taken for
the said purpose. At the same time, pressure was
exerted on the owners of companies and shops to
contribute between a hundred and a thousand euros for
the same purpose.
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