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Mariano Loo
6 octobre
Obamacare is an crazy systems an monsters fraud and treason is an criminal violating US Constitution, so be its to said Bill Clinton, he was to condemns and sentence to run of Hillary Clinton and camouflage of reelection of the impostor Muslim Obama, than now it is over Obamacare. 
American is time to protest the amphorae, get up and go to enter your protest vote your voice in amphora's, the November 8, 2016, American open wide your eyes and your ears. Former President Bill Clinton said publicly and in a clear and forceful, that called Obamacare, is a current crazy system, totalitarian and communist system, called Obamacare, created by unconstitutional impostor President Barack Hussein Obama II (and traitor Congress, bipartisan Republican and democrat, under the command of unconstitutional elite conservative and liberal) for the health of low-income Americans, and that this crazy system, hits innocents American middle income, who imposes them, and they can not be accessed with this statement by Bill Clinton killed the crazy communist health system called Obamacare, and also murderer's pretensions as a candidate of his wayward wife, Hillary Clinton, and also murderer to unconstitutional support having the current unconstitutional President Barack Hussein Obama II, Also know as Barry Soetoro, the impostor Muslim. That, Hillary Clinton, as a candidate nominated by crazy, illegal and illicit rigged system Democratic CND, to designate the nomination, was also attacked by Bill Clinton, then there is no sense now to Hillary Clinton, continue in the presidential race, who also, as a woman is prevented from being eligible as a presidential candidate, as well, which clearly states the US Constitution, which only him dropping down a woman to vote for, but does not allow a woman to be eligible as president, and commander in chief, Us Military. So too is clearly established US constitution, for that matter, that to be US president, has necessarily to be born under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, and can not be US president, as is the case of the current unconstitutional President , impostor Muslim Barack Hussein Obama II, who was born in Kenya, See birth certificate granting Kenya with the imprint of his child's feet, stamped a seal on the birth certificate confirming the fact (US constitution also does not allow the "anchor baby" be US president), also known as Barry Soetoro, who when Muslim Koran Sharia Islam Terrorist Trojan, mosques, is violating flagrantly, the First and Second amendment of US Constitution, which protects freedom and freedom of religion and belief and it protects, defends and gives equal justice for every citizen US, without exception. basis of the existence of US Republic. John Robert Chief of the Supreme Court made the greatest betrayal to the American people, to swear as president # 44 of the United States, with knowledge of their illegal status to a citizen of Kenya named Barack Hussein Obama II also known as Berry Soetoro, breach its constitutional duty to protect the American people and the US republic fulfilling the duty to obey and make obey US Constitution.
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Mariano Loo,te metat e Obames
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