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 Who created ISIS? Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton

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MessageSujet: Who created ISIS? Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton   Dim 6 Nov - 16:12

Who created ISIS? Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton

"I really am convinced we're in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the trade center loock like kids playng with firecrackers.
Donald Trump
The America we deserve
Publishid in 2000
Study of mine

Who created ISIS? Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton
And if so, is not, then what the American did not attack Saud. Arabia than Afghanistan? From the burning plane that broke apart on impact in the building, where the temperature is Vishik smelted iron structure of the building, fell out not damaged passports to the ground. And this is supposed to serve as a common proof?
What about the Bush and Clinton now?If intelligence had allegedly knowing who is guilty, why they did not attack Saudi Arabia, but Afghanistan?
,lively arguments here.After the US:CIA backed Mujahideen won the sovjet afgan war,by 1986 they ware producing 40% of the world's heroin supply.
By 1999 they war producing 80% of the total marcet supply.

But then something unexspected happened?

The Taliban rose to power ,and by 2000 they had destrojed most of the opium fields .
Production dropped from 3000 tons only 1185 tons;a 94%reduction.
On sept.9the 2001 the full aganistan invasion plans ware on president Bushe's desk.
Two days later they had their excuse .
Today ,opium production in US controlled afganistan which now provides more than 90 percent of the worllds
heroin breaks new production records nearli every yar.
The controlled demolition of world Trade center seven 09.11.2001
Problem global fo grupps Billderberg
Bernard Liertaer sist.mon.BE.
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Who created ISIS? Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton
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